"World's Guardian spirits"


Through photography and nature I seek new ways to "read the city". This series walks through public spaces, the streets, a place where self and other its constantly being challenged. The physiognomy of the city it's shared domain, but also really personal, given that showing my home's sidewalk, or a distant one, it's an invitation to close observation.

My photographs are about the contact between trees and architecture and the integration with people and landscape. They seek for a bohemian poetic composition, showing the local between the globalized world that it's constantly evolving. Today more than ever I would say, "From my house, to the world".

That's why, my photographs are centered around issues that determine our existence and establishes the bonds between the reality of the landscape and the one I imagine or desire. Balance at the edge of recognition and the change of consciousness where past and present fuse to create a possible future.

Curator: Marcelo Gurruchaga & #8211; Gustavo by Maria Molinari
Texts: Prof. Jorgelina Balut
Translation: Maximiliano Lamberti

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