Selected at the Frontera Artistic Photography Festival, 2020 edition “Nosotros”


In these images, we can see life is rich in future. The present shown in the pictures is untidy and full of garbage. That is why we need to launch it forward in time. When this young pigeon grows into an adult and learns how to fly, it will leave that dirty present to get integrated with a perceivable urban landscape, which strives to keep clean and tidy. Its mother, maybe unconsciously, prepares it for that, feeding and warming it. All the motherly effort is due to keep the pigeon alive and hidden from the everyday human life, which it will soon be part of.

Scenes like these are nowadays spread all over the town. Doves, hidden from our sight while being young pigeons, unrecognisable and fragile as such little things, are only under their mothers’ care. Only when they have become adults and capable of living on their own, they turn into part of our daily urban lives. These doves are always ready to guard and hide another fragility from our sight when they are due to have their pigeons.

Curator: Plastic Artist Pablo Curuchet
Texts: Santiago Noro
Translation: Prof. María Luisa Pemberton

Selected at the Frontera Artistic Photography Festival, 2020 edition “Nosotros”

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